The Masters Of Orion Have Arrived

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Information on Orion

What is Orion?
Orion is one of the magnificent stars in the night sky. Its luminosity encompasses humanity and the whole of the consciousness of what we call earth and Humanity. Orion orbits the second sun of the second sun, and in a sense holds the sacred principles of the sacred divine masculine energy signature from the cosmic oversouls who are watchers of this Universal quandrant. Orions signature is woven into the very fabric of time and space, like a time continium and places ones consciousness in a magnetic flow, that is one with the harmonics of the Universe. This stream omitted by Orion flows with the sacred signatures of the Archangelics and Angelic watchers of the very fabric of time which is protected by the Hive Divine mind. Orion carries deep resonance which flows through the Universe, beyond this galactic and cosmic centre, to the other parts of the universe, in a cosmic stream, carrying sacred knowledge and wisdom which is then imparted into the whole consciousness, updating and releasing consciousness codes and signatures into the bodies, minds, hearts of humanity and all life forms.
The Orion Masters are unique and individual as the thousands of stars which blanket the night sky. For in reality these are not stars but they are actually planets of existence, waiting to awaken to full consciousness and bloom into civilisations, which will come in time.
Orion Masters are highly advanced beings of light, Advanced Ascended Masters who have walked the Ascension path for eons of time and are ensuring the Ascension for all of civilisation as we know it. Theses Masters have agreed to take on the karmic burden once the final experiment had finished it karmic path. The time now is to rejoice in the the new paths of Ascension and New Earth as it begins to unfurl its energetic signature into the cosmos and beyond.

Meditating With This Image

The Energetic Seal of the Orion Masters

The Benefits of Working with these Channelled Images

Clear and cleanse your space.
Put Protection around yourself and your space. You can call in Archangel Michael to help you with this or your Guides.

 Request a Golden Dome of Protection for yourself and your space.  Place the Artwork within your Sacred Space or Altar where it is visible clearly.
Prepare as you would for meditation. Clear/cleanse yourself in a column of White Light and relax.
Centre yourself by connecting to your heart and let go of all stresses and strains of the day. Extend a cord into the earth and another cord upwards to God source.

Take 3 deep breaths and settle into your heart centre.
Take your attention to the Sirian Artwork. Make and set your intention to connect to the Artwork and the energies within.

Expand your awareness and your intention to connect to the highest good. Request what is right for you and your personal journey. Please remember your journey will be unique and you shall receive what is right for you, be it healing, teachings or personal insights. Your Guides will already know and be ready for you. Once you have returned, remember to ground, centre, close down and protect yourself.

Thank all beings involved on this mediation and hopefully you will have had a wonderful journey.

A short interpretation on my Artwork from Master St Germaine & Spirit:
"I am St Germaine – Ascended Master of the 7th Ray – Master of the Violet flame and patron, keeper and guide in the realms of magic, majesty, ritual and ceremony, alchemy and ancient truth. It is I who brings to you this guidance and this message that it might others to see – just what you achieve with your great works and how these simple things hold the power to bring about so much through such seemingly simple things.
For Art is and has always been – though even more so now – a medium whereby great power might be transmitted not only through the eye and the accepting brain but also through that vibration that it radiates and conveys energetically, vibrationally through the colour spectrum, through the language of shapes and forms and through that energy found within it – in this case put there by us the Masters and the Angels through the good grace and clarity of your channelling ability. All this power then flowing, radiating, reaching outwards to all those who see it or reside within its vicinity, absorbing and receiving the affirmation of those vital codes and keys that they carry entreating continually change and bloom, blossom and become, alter and shift, change and transform into their greater potential, into the Divine! Your great work then, bringing ultimately and in time change to mind, heart, body and spirit through contemplation and through the simple act of living in the same space in which such works of wonder hang. Enabling the return of Atlantis and that which lies beyond it and at its heart, the secret power of empowerment and change.
Use then dearest these words that others might know the truth and our thoughts that they might see the true value and great worth of that which you offer them now.

Seal Of Orion

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