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Information on a Guide Portraits

What is a Guide?
 A guide  as most people are aware of, is a high vibration ascended being from the spiritual dimensions who over lights you along your journey. There are many guides who are around you along a particular point in your journey and as you transcend, you will find "new" guides, masters, angels that connect to you to offer you their love, and guidance.

What is a Guide Portrait?
  A guide portrait  is a visual drawing or painting of either an ascended being/master, or angelic being. Through my abilities as a spiritual channel, I am able to connect to your desired deity and bring through the desired visual representation of their energetic makeup. Guide portraits are quite individual. They are first  drawn and then painted in colour using  acrylics on  heavyweight professional paper.  Also I am able to bring through a message/messages and a name for the guide, angel or master according to your requirements.  I do note down everything and once the guide portrait is complete, I also will have ready a miniature reading for that individual.( please do note that whatever is right for you will be received and if it so, I will have a reading for you too. Please understand how the divine works, that everything happens when the divine will has deemed it right for that individual to progress along that particular route. Thank you.)

Please note guide Portraits are available in variations of consciousness. Not all guides come in as a facial representation, they can come in as an energetic representation. See below.
Please do contact me regarding your requirements as I am more than happy to answer your queries.

One of the Andromedan Guides who has
posed for me

An energetic imprint of a group of guides

Sirian Masters imprint of the higher realms

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