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Inner Child Healing Deck

Ascension Card Deck

This deck helps you heal the Inner Child/unhealed aspects of self with the help of the Ascended relams. You can use these cards with your children too.

These cards carry the vibration of the Masters & Angelic consciousnesses. You can connect to any Master or Angel on any ray/dimension by invoking their presence.

£10.00-includes 5 Cards

£10.00-includes 5 Cards

Sirius: Colour Images with Meditations


This book contains an introduction to Sirius, the higher planes of consciousness.
Step by step guided meditations with full coulour visual images on the Sirian plane of consciousness.
This book is the first series in the Sirian series being released as a collective of images with meditations.
A simple and easy to use guide to acheive Ascension and Enlightenment.

Cost: £18.00

st: 0

£1 5.0

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