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Information on Andromeda

What is Andromeda?
Andromeda  is  a beautiful  planet of love that vibrates energy at a specific frequency that is harmoniously linked to the creation codes of the universe. Andromeda is a Galactic Gateway  located in the Spiral Galaxy. This is a step up the ascension ladder for personal and spiritual evolution for individuals who will become the new world servers. Here Andromeda has "portals" or "gateways" into the the galactic core of the universe in our known star system and also beyond the milky way. Andromeda is over lighted  by Ascended Masters who are of the cosmic council of twelve. A group consciousness of 12 Masters, some who are known as Melchior, Zoltec, Melchizadek, Adonis, Atlanto, Averran, Voltar,  and Vywamus. These beings are as old as time itself and are very wise loving masters. Like you and me they have evolved and have ascended into the higher realms, first to  planetary level, solar, galactic, universal, then multi universal.
I have been aware of these guides for some years now and have been approached by various Masters along the different stages of my spiritual journey. One of the first was Zoltec, and then there was Voltar but to name a few! I asked to experience their energy so they blended with me. It was quite an experience, Zoltec's energy was Light and bubbly where Voltar's energy was very different! It was very masculine. I thought I had been cut into two and put back together again.  In truth it was amazing, I felt myself blended with the universe and watched the universe at work.  That was just the beginning for me, since then I have been aware that all there are all these  beings who want to be channelled and I literally have hundreds of  channelled art of all these amazing beings waiting to to released to humanity.
Andromeda is also a portal into the divine feminine energies, which  means that once you have arrived here you are ready for the next level, or ready to bridge to a higher level of consciousness. This means an anchoring of new levels of energy; anchoring of higher light bodies, spiritual activations, deeper understanding of love, deeper communication with your higher self, and I Am Presence, understanding of ones mission, purpose and plan in a spiritual role, deeper communication with the divine and the divine plan.
In Andromeda, you are assigned new roles to fulfil in a spiritual context. You are given "tests" to see if and how capable you are of holding the higher vibration of love, and also for your own personal evolution-mastering your lessons and achieving self mastery to become an ascended master. These lessons and tests are essential for all light workers who have potentially arrived at a new level of consciousness.  From this point onwards  there is constant evolution into the universal level.  As you reach a new level, the lessons you have experienced are repeated  to see if you can hold the new level of vibration that is being anchored into your being, for at this level you are operating from the 12 body system and making the merger with your I am presence and this ultimately is the path to the heart of God,  for Ascension.
All light workers  should be aware that the spiritual hierarchy are looking for "New Masters" to take their place. As the Ascended Masters evolve to new dimensions, new Masters are needed to take their place. Those who are over lighted by the Ascended Masters should be aware, you will be given the choice of evolving higher to world teacher level and beyond. The coming of the Aquarius age heralds new demands being placed from the spiritual hierarchy to bring into being "New Masters" who will implement the divine plan. I would like to point out that all have their role to play  in the divine plan and no-ones path is better than another.  As light workers all should be aware that all paths lead to God, back to source. There is no "jealousy" between the ascended beings. They are respectful of one another and choose the "right initiate" to go forwards, the ones who will fulfil the divine plan wholeheartedly in keeping with the wishes of the spiritual hierarchy.

A Message From The Andromedan Masters

Meditating With These Images

The Benefits of Working with these Channelled Images

Greetings Souls

We are very welcomed to meet and greet you at this very auspicious time. We are your beloved masters, whom you know on a very deep and profound level. We have been aware of your presence and are more than welcome to re-connect and engage with you now, as you are prepared to receive our energies and rejoin with us once again.
Hold us joyously in your heart of hearts, knowing once again you will rejoin with your ancestral roots, your ancestral line which kies within the stars and also within your reach. Call upon often and we will guide you home, back through the stars and doorways awaiting your activation.
These are personal to you and will only open once you are ready to acknowledge your descendants and true heritage. We leave you wit our blessing and our unconditional Love.

We love you always and when ever you need us, call us, vcall upon us and we will answer and arrive.

Clear and cleanse your space.
Put Protection around yourself and your space. You can call in Archangel Michael to help you with this or your Guides.

 Request a Golden Dome of Protection for yourself and your space.  Place the Artwork within your Sacred Space or Altar where it is visible clearly.
Prepare as you would for meditation. Clear/cleanse yourself in a column of White Light and relax.
Centre yourself by connecting to your heart and let go of all stresses and strains of the day. Extend a cord into the earth and another cord upwards to God source.

Take 3 deep breaths and settle into your heart centre.
Take your attention to the Sirian Artwork. Make and set your intention to connect to the Artwork and the energies within.
Expand your awareness and your intention to connect to the highest good. Request what is right for you and your personal journey. Please remember your journey will be unique and you shall receive what is right for you, be it healing, teachings or personal insights. Your Guides will already know and be ready for you. Once you have returned, remember to ground, centre, close down and protect yourself.

Thank all beings involved on this mediation and hopefully you will have had a wonderful journey.

A short interpretation on my Artwork from Master St Germaine & Spirit:
"I am St Germaine – Ascended Master of the 7th Ray – Master of the Violet flame and patron, keeper and guide in the realms of magic, majesty, ritual and ceremony, alchemy and ancient truth. It is I who brings to you this guidance and this message that it might others to see – just what you achieve with your great works and how these simple things hold the power to bring about so much through such seemingly simple things.
For Art is and has always been – though even more so now – a medium whereby great power might be transmitted not only through the eye and the accepting brain but also through that vibration that it radiates and conveys energetically, vibrationally through the colour spectrum, through the language of shapes and forms and through that energy found within it – in this case put there by us the Masters and the Angels through the good grace and clarity of your channelling ability. All this power then flowing, radiating, reaching outwards to all those who see it or reside within its vicinity, absorbing and receiving the affirmation of those vital codes and keys that they carry entreating continually change and bloom, blossom and become, alter and shift, change and transform into their greater potential, into the Divine! Your great work then, bringing ultimately and in time change to mind, heart, body and spirit through contemplation and through the simple act of living in the same space in which such works of wonder hang. Enabling the return of Atlantis and that which lies beyond it and at its heart, the secret power of empowerment and change.
Use then dearest these words that others might know the truth and our thoughts that they might see the true value and great worth of that which you offer them now.

Meet the Andromeda Gatekeepers!
These are the masters from Andromeda who I connected with. I have messages from each of these lovely beings for you to connect with so please relax and enjoy their company!







I am a being of light.
Valencia is my female aspect. I walk through time and space, through your reality. I cut through illusions, deception and nonsense, for I bring through truth. illumination and enlightenment. I come through in a more masculine energy. I have been around a long time! Since the beginning of time. My energy is vast that's why I have blended a small amount of energy with you! I wish you well. Voltar

I am goddess energy
I am the divine feminine. I am here for empowerment in all aspects of the divine feminine.
My energy is vast, immense. I am the radiant sun which shines on you, for you. I am powerful yet gentle, loving and soft. Seek me out so you may join me to stand by my side,
reach out and connect to me. I am all knowing, all
seeing and when you call for me, know  I will hear your call.
All my love. Valencia


I am Vulcun.
I am a great and
 gifted healer, for in
my hands I hold a gift that is available to those who seek myassistance. I am an intelligent loving  master and I can also
bestow those seekers
that are in need with divine illumination, those who
truly seek love and
 compassion and understanding. Seek me out and connect to my wisdom eternal.
 Always Vulcun.

I am Valcor.  My knowledge and my guidance in matters that are important to you is  available to be called upon in this time of need. Great changes are upon us all as the transition to higher dimensions accelerates now. All have their part to play regardless of how big or small it is. All shall fulfil their role as desired. As a wise master, know I hear your thoughts and all those promises in your hearts that you hide. Those with true hearts always succeed! Valcor.

Valentino is my name and my big heart is my game! LOL! Come to me all seekers of the light of divine illumination, I am here to guide you and shine a light upon your path.
For indeed I am your friend. My heart is as generous as the glorious sun!
 I will bestow upon you revelations that will inspire
you, educate you and help you to grow spiritually. For always I am here to be called upon, always I am, yours truly Valentino.

Greetings all!
My name is Vulcrum. I aid those who are in need of a blessed heart connection. I am wise and so seek me out for I will guide you wisely. I am here to enfold you in my arms of love and tenderness. I listen to what you hold dear to your heart.
I will help you tend the weeds in
your garden and aim to heal those wounds that are still raw.
Call me when you are in need for I am that I am and I am Vulcrum







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Free Meditations to invoke the energies inherent in the Artwork:

Connecting to Malaki

Connecting to Karkite

Connecting to Anturion

Always ask that this connection is for the highest good and you are connecting to the ascended master level and above.
"Hail Malaki, I call to you now! Hear me
 as I speak these words of truth and love
 that flow with beauty unbounded! I call
 to you and seek your wisdom, your knowledge, your guidance in matters that are dear to me. I feel it in my heart
and soul that the situation that I have is
 now in dire need so  lead me a better understanding where I can take the truth and accept it within my being!"
(You can say this if desired)
Malaki instantly connects with you. Feel his majestic presence which is so enlightening. Spend time with the master Malaki and pour out your heart and soul.
Guidance is given which you will instantly connect with, intuitively or subconsciously and and it will be manifested through your intentions.
Thank Malaki for whatever gift or knowledge he has imparted within you. Thank you.

Always ask that this connection is for the highest good and you are connecting to the ascended master level and above.

" Karkite, intelligent lord of the universe, bestow upon me, the gift of knowledge and intellectual insight. I know within me I desire a change, a deeper connection to the cosmos and the universe. I desire knowledge of the stars, and all within creation. Bless me with your loving heart and bestow this gift upon me".

 (You can say the above if required. This  will be granted only  if you are ready.)
Lord Karkite arrives. Feel his regal presence
as he lovingly engages with you. You know
that the answers you seek  on a personal
 level are seeded within your heart. Lord Karkite speaks to you and engages you in conversation. You spend time with the master  for as long as is required. The master bids his leave. Thank the lovely lord Karkite for the insights he has provided you with on your personal journey. Thank You.

Always ask that this connection is for the highest good and you are connecting to the ascended master level and above.

 "Anturion, I bid your company, for your loving and gentle assistance is required. I have within me a query which I have difficulty resolving. To me this is a private matter so I wish for a total private moment where I can unburden that
which is inside of me."
(You can say this if desired)
Feel the loving and gentle energies which Anturion brings. He is a wise and gifted master and a wonderful friend. He is a great listener and great company. Spend your time with Anturion  and unburden your soul.
Guidance is given which you will instantly connect with, intuitively or subconsciously and and it will be manifested through your intentions.
Thank Anturion for whatever gift or knowledge he has imparted within you. Thank you.
 Please do remember these masters are only able to help if you request their help. They cannot interfere with your free will


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Connecting to Valencia

Ode to the Stars

Connecting to Arkavite

Always ask that this connection is for the highest good and you are connecting to the ascended master level and above.
"Lady Master Valencia! Hear me call
I desire your aid in making a transition within myself. I desire the knowledge and the strength to open myself to another level of Love where I am as I a truly am. A master of light! having to transcend the depths of my soul. Give me the wisdom and the mastery to do this with grace."
Valencia is with you in an instant!
Her energy is so powerful yet so soft and gentle! Feel her loving wisdom and companionship that she offers to you. Lady Valencia grants you grace and illumination to guide you to along your path which are seeded within your consciousness. Thank the Lady Master Valencia for whatever gift you have received.
Lady Master Valencia bids her leave and sprinkles you with sparkling rainbow hearts that fall from the heavens. Thank you

I call to you dear friends from the stars,
Be it Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto or Mars

 I have travelled hard on this long winding road
So show me the rest of the way home!

I have waited my whole life time
Listening to the earth clocks chime

And now I know I am near
So close to what to me is dear

In my heart I leap with joy and laughter
As I approach the wondrous rapture

Closer and closer I feel to you
Where My heart and soul shines so true!

Always ask that this connection is for the highest good and you are connecting to the ascended master level and above.

 "Oh mighty Arkavite! Lord of light!
 I request your aid in receiving my higher energy bodies so that I can encompass a higher spiritual upload. So I can make moves along my path and engage myself deeper in the mystical awareness that the Universe provides. I wish to be enlightened with much more that I am now. I wish to be more, see more and do more. So I call to you for aid."

Arkavite has arrived and glimpse's into your heart and soul. He reads your divine plan. If it is in accordance with your divine plan all shall be revealed and your wishes granted!
Arkavite gifts you with  discernment and bids his leave. Thank the wonderful master Arkavite  for his gift. 



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